Getting Connected

To log on to the ASTEQ Wi-Fi service, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Ensure your wireless enabled laptop, tablet PC or mobile device is turned on and has its wireless signal/switch activated.

Step 2: Go to or ‘search’ the Available Wireless Network Connection List as displayed on your mobile device.

Step 3: Navigate to ‘ASTEQ Wi-Fi’ from the list and then select ‘connect’.
If you cannot find ‘ASTEQ Wi-Fi’ in the list of available networks you may not be within the coverage area of one of our hotspots.

Step 4: Open your internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) and you will be directed to the ASTEQ Wi-Fi portal page.

Step 5: Once you are on the portal page you will be able to view the various plans and ‘create a new account’.
Enter your username and password and click ‘Login’ or ‘OK’.
From here you will be redirected to your homepage, or that of the venue.
You can then navigate away from this page and should now be free to browse the internet, send/receive email etc.
Your connection will be reset/refreshed 4 hours after you first started using the service.
If you are prompted to login again simply do so by entering your selected username and password.

Logging Out

In most cases you can log out simply by closing your web browser.

However if you would like a confirmed logout, this can be achieved by typing in the browser address bar and pushing enter.

Doing this will ensure the ability to log back in cleanly the next time.